Unified Communications & Collaboration

Our customers are seeking solutions that improve business performance and customer service/experience through accelerating decision making, reducing costs and shortening response times.

UC&C helps to address this business need by enabling employees to effectively and securely collaborate and communicate with each other and with customers, suppliers, and partners – from anywhere, anytime, on any device via multiple channels – from voice and messaging through to video and social media.

NEC delivers and manages multi-vendor UC&C solutions, from leading technology companies, best suited to meet businesses’ individual needs – integrating people, systems, applications, processes and devices. Our consultative approach, heritage in voice and experience in systems integration and service delivery, along with our nationwide support network, means that we deliver optimal outcomes for customers.


Communications & Collaboration

Today’s workforce is mobile and dispersed and workers are no longer bound to their desks. Business information is available regardless of location and the ability to action this information is critical to increasing innovation and raising productivity. This increases demand for new applications and devices that enable more flexible working styles along with supporting new processes and individual contact preferences.

Organisations are increasingly focussed on managing costs and leveraging investments while needing to continuously improve the effectiveness of communications and interaction between employees, partners, suppliers and customers. To build sustainable competitive advantage, you need to embrace new ways of working and the adoption of new processes - This is where NEC excels.

A single approach or solution will not suit every customer. We work with you to understand your business and apply our many years of expertise in ICT, communications and collaboration - across your business, people, processes and technology. With NEC, your business requirements come first and we work with you closely to ensure that the best technologies are implemented and integrated to meet your specific business needs.

NEC has vast expertise deploying, integrating, migrating and supporting multi-vendor solutions. Our flexible models allow you to upgrade to the latest technologies at your pace, aligned to your specific business objectives. We also partner with the world’s leading technology companies to ensure that we deliver and support optimal solutions to meet your individual business needs and expectations. This may be a premise-based solution, a cloud or hybrid solution or a fully managed service.

You can choose to upgrade your whole organisation at once, or you can empower select work groups with the tools that can most quickly deliver value to the organisation. NEC’s low risk approach gives you control over legacy equipment and can help to minimise the need to upgrade entire telephony environments. Instead, you can often breathe new life into existing investments with new functionality.

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